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大麻地图 is a cutting-edge cannabis technology and advertising company located in Toronto, Canada. As the first and foremost legal cannabis-related platform, we provide a comprehensive international marketplace, e-commerce services, and online social networking and communication platforms.

Business partners with to amplify their presence and gain a reputation with an ever-expanding cannabis-interested audience. Connect your business to the most respected cannabis resource around through a variety of partnership opportunities. provides you with a FREE suite of tools to

  • Showcase and amplify your business
  • Gain your reputation
  • Connect you to the DaMaMaps community.

Your business is boosting around the corner on – Create your business page and get started with our suite of free tools to help business owners get the most out of If you want to learn more about us and showcasing your business online, check our documentation below.

Click here to download the PDF file.

What type of services does offer for my business? provides brands and retail businesses like yourself the ability to host a personalized listing showcasing your value proposition, differentiators, and firmographic information, along with a variety of effective marketing and advertising opportunities to promote your business to the Chinese community. In addition, partners with physicians and CBD retailers with unique and effective solutions to connect with cannabis-interested individuals. supports the following:

  • Retailers looking to promote their business to the Chinese audience
  • Brands interested in connecting their products to cannabis-interested buyers
  • Physicians looking to expand their network
  • CBD Retailers interested in promoting their business to an ever-expanding, interested audience

Contact us to learn more about these solutions.

What is a business account?

We offer a free suite of tools to showcase your business and connect you to the DaMaWish community. By listing your business page and creating a business account, you can:

  • Join the conversation with your customers
    Respond to a review with a direct message or public comment.
  • Post photos and update business information
    Upload photos, add a link to your website, and ensure that your hours are up to date so consumers searching for your business can easily find it.
  • View customer analytics
    Track visitor engagement and customer leads from your DaMaWish Business Page.

What does the guideline for general business information

Below are some general pointers for creating a business page according to our standards regarding:

Please keep in mind there may be exceptions to our guidelines, but our moderators will reject any updates they’re unable to verify. There are also a number of style conventions we follow, and if submissions are verified but incorrectly formatted, we may update them to fit our standards.

  • Name
    Names should be succinct and reflect how an average person would refer to the business. For example, store numbers should not be used (such as ”Shoppers #415”), and we try to avoid keywords, tag lines, or other information that’s available elsewhere on the business page, such as type of business.
  • Type of business
    Type of business should be as specific as possible and describe the primary activities of the business rather than the entire scope of the business’ activity. We allow a maximum of three categories, but businesses can appear in search results for more (e.g. a business under the “storefront” category will still appear in a search for the another category, “Hardware”). However, categories that aren’t fully represented by a business’ offering may be rejected, even if the business currently has less than three.
  • Phone Number
    The phone number on a business page should be a direct local phone number where available. We don’t provide a field for extensions and avoid listing numbers for national call centers. We may not accept cell phone numbers (especially for unclaimed businesses) or tracking numbers for 3rd parties
  • Website
    The website address field on a business page is intended to direct DaMaMaps users to the business’s website. It is not intended to direct DaMaMaps users to directories, social media sites or other third party websites. If a business doesn’t have their own website, this field should be left blank.
  • Address / Map Marker
    Business pages on are for individual/separate locations of any given business, and a full address is required to be in our directory. There may be exceptions for certain businesses that lack address info, however, these pages require a postal code or service area. Residential addresses are discouraged in these cases, unless the business desires to have this public.If you think a business page has the wrong address, please search in the area and make sure that the location you are looking for is not already in our directory.
  • Hours
    The hours submitted for a business should display the normal operating hours in any given week. These should be in line with what’s reflected on the business’ website or otherwise known (printed on a storefront window, flyer, etc.).

How do I add my business on

Step 1. Go to link (Registration) and create an account
Step 2. Create a business profile
Step 3. Add location
Step 4. Add products

How much does it cost to list my business on

For now, it is all FREE!  Contact us for more information about listing your business.

What if I need marketing design assistance?

If you partner with, design assistance and guidance is available depending on the products purchased. Connect with us today to learn more.

Will my business be trained on how to use the tools once I partner with

Yes, our experienced support team will assist you throughout onboarding and implementation and educational materials are available in your business portal for self-service, online support. Learn how your partnership will benefit by having a team to support your needs by contacting us today.


Does recommend every review?

No, doesn’t recommend every review from every user. We will get millions of reviews from our users, and our job is to showcase the ones that best reflect the opinions of the DaMaMaps community. These recommended reviews comprise about three quarters of the reviews we get. The remaining reviews are accessible from a link at the bottom of each business’s page (and can still be seen on a user’s profile page), but they don’t factor into a business’s overall star rating or review count.

This approach is very different from other sites that tend to feature every single negative rant and positive rave. We do our best to nurture a community of users who actively contribute reliable and useful content.

How do I improve a negative review?

The best way to improve a negative review is to reply to the review. Responding to a negative review not only gives you the opportunity to salvage that business relationship and clarify any misunderstandings or negative first impressions, but also shows to any potential customers reading your reviews that you take care of everyone who visits your shop.

Responding to reviews helps set your customer service apart from your competition. Most potential customers will pay more attention to how you reply to the review that the actual review itself.

Business Review Policy Disclosure

Reviews are an important feature of 大麻地图 and we take them very seriously. Reviews (positive or negative) will not be removed simply at the request of Advertisers – reviews are only removed or edited by the大麻地图 Moderation staff if the review is in clear violation of our review policy. If 大麻地图 Moderation staff find no evidence of a review violation and determine that the review is in compliance with our policies, then the review will not be removed. Reviews of all listings, regardless of advertising status, are treated the same.


Who can use

You must be at least 18 years of age (or 21 years of age, as applicable). By visiting, you acknowledge that “Adult” content that is not suitable for children may be encountered.

I have a sponsorship and partnership inquiry

We are always open to considering any partnerships. If you represent a company or organization in an official capacity, and would like to submit a partnership inquiry, please send an email to our team detailing your request.


大麻地图 and its affiliates (the “Company”, “Our” or “We”) affirm that we do not perform any due diligence on any information, ownership or content on any of the Company’s clients or users. The Company makes no claims as to the authenticity of any third party information appearing on our site. The Company does not endorse, approve, certify, or control third party content and does not guarantee or assume responsibility for the accuracy of content provided by any third party.

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