standard-title 热门大麻商家咨讯 “大麻味试 ”是全球华人No.1 最大的大麻媒体社交电商高科技公司。


“大麻味试 ”是全球华人No.1 最大的大麻媒体社交电商高科技公司。

热门大麻商家咨讯 | Plans For Your Listings

Effectively market your brand and elevate exposure through a variety of advertising and marketing solutions to a large, highly-motivate Chinese audience. 通过广告和客制化市场营销方案,有效地展示您的品牌,吸引更多客户。

A La Carte 增值服务 (市场营销推广及广告服务)

新媒体社交平台推广:中文推广:微信,抖音, 小红书, 微博或英文推广:脸书Facebook/Instagram, 推特,Tiktok


流媒体运营:YouTube, B站等

*交易提成与介绍费佣金提成10% 至25%不等(平均提成为15%)


A La Carte (Marketing & Advertising)

Social Media Promotion Chinese: WeChat, DouYin, RedBook, Weibo. etc or

Overseas: Facebook / Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok. etc

Video Content Assistance Compliance

Stream Media Management: YouTube, Bilibili, etc

*Variable closing fees and referral fee percentages ranging from 10% to 25% ( Avg. 15% )

入会费 Initiation Fees:$3,000

以上价格均为美金且不包含13% HST, 其他税费及费用;All Prices are in US dollar and DO NOT Include 13% HST, additional taxes, fees, and surcharges.
所有市场推广及广告内容需符合当地政策规定 All advertising contents MUST comply with legal regulations.
价格及供应服务可随时更改,最终解释权归汉麻国际集团所有。 All Rates and services are subject to change and HanMa International Corporation reserves the right of final interpretation.