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Hemp industry in China

Chinese hemp industry plays an important role in the global industrial chain. Thousands of years ago, China began to cultivate hemp and is currently the world’s leading planting, processing, reproducing, and exporting country. 

Since 2018, as cannabis legalization worldwide, 34 countries have legalized medical cannabis, and more than 50 countries have announced the legalization of CBD (the medicinal ingredients in cannabis). In China, Yunan (since 2010), Heilongjiang (Since 2017), Jilin (Since 2018) legalize hemp cultivation and processing. As of 2017, China’s total hemp planting area has exceeded 33,000 hectares, making it the second-largest hemp planting country in the world. 

Investment Opportunities 

Chinese market

As a major country with a population of 1.4 billion and the corresponding policies continue to advance, it is expected that China’s daily consumption of CBD will reach 5 million of population. In addition, nearly 9 million people in China suffer from epilepsy each year, 50 million people suffer from depression, and there is a strong demand for medical marijuana. Therefore, it is conservatively estimated that 19 million people (about 1.35% of the total population) in the Chinese market will consume hemp-related products. Based on the consumption of US $ 26.8 per gram per person, basic consumption is expected to reach at least US $ 500 million. In 2017, the value of China’s industrial cannabis/hemp market was US $ 1.1 billion and is expected to increase to US $ 1.5 billion by 2020.

International market

According to Euromonitor International data, in 2018, the global cannabis market (including legal and illegal, including recreational cannabis and industrial cannabis) was about 150 billion US dollars, and the legal market was about 12 billion US dollars. The process of legalizing the correct industry continues to advance, and illegal products are continuously converted into legal products. By 2025, legal products can account for 77% of the market, reaching 166 billion US dollars. By 2018, there will be 22.5 million overseas Chinese in the world. According to the above proportion (1.35%), it is predicted that over 300,000 overseas Chinese will use hemp-related products.

About cannabis

There are two subspecies of cannabis: recreational cannabis (Indica, Indian) and hemp (Sativa, CBD, industrial hemp). The two categories are divided by the content of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, a commonly known ingredient that is addictive and produces hallucinations).

The THC content of less than 0.3% belongs to hemp (Sativa, CBD, industrial cannabis). It does not show psychoactive activity after human ingestion and has no drug use-value.

For more information about the difference between cannabis and hemp, please visit:

About Hemp

The cannabis grown in China currently all belongs to hemp (Sativa, CBD, industrial cannabis). It is a non-additive ingredient in cannabis and can effectively eliminate the hallucinogenic effect of THC in the human body. It is called “anti-drug compound”.

Its downstream application space is broad, including food, medicine, daily chemical products, textiles, new energy, etc., Coca-Cola, The body shop, Adidas and other international brands have launched related products, hemp cosmetics, health products, and Hemp oil and other products have also been launched in China.

The effects of hemp on the human body are anti-inflammatory and analgesic, anti-epileptic, anti-Parkinson’s symptoms, anti-senile dementia, anti-anxiety, sedation, etc .;

As a natural plant, hemp can also be used industrially as an environmentally friendly raw material for papermaking, lubricants, textiles, etc. 

As the extraction process continues to progress and the benefits of the product are further discovered and demonstrated by the scientific community, the demand for hemp is expected to increase significantly. Due to the huge population base, the increase in medical demand and consumption levels, China and overseas Chinese communities will become a major consumer of hemp and related products.

About us

大麻地图 is a cutting-edge cannabis technology and advertising company located in Toronto, Canada. As the first and foremost legal cannabis-related platform, we provide a comprehensive international marketplace, e-commerce services, and online social networking and communication platforms. Our website is currently available in English and Chinese versions, and we are now working towards launching versions in Japanese and Korean to broaden our global reach.

Our Vision

In the future, we hope that everyone will understand the medical benefits of marijuana which can release, even solve the physical and psychological pains of all patients who suffer from cancer, epilepsy and depression and so on, and lead a healthy lifestyle for all human beings.

Our Brand

The brands under the HanMa International Corporation include 大麻地图, 汉麻地图, 知麻开门 and so on.

We sincerely invite you to join, to promote the scientific popularization of hemp, medicinal value, and to contribute to the future global environmental protection and all mankind.

We are emerging and fast moving and would like to help you get in Chinese community. If you want to join us, develop and promote your own business, or have any inquiries, please contact


我国工业大麻产业在全球产业链中占据重要地位。 数千年前,我国已开始工业大麻的种植,目前是全球领先的工业大麻种植、处理、加工及出口国。 

自2018年以来,全球大麻合法化进程加速,全球共有34个国家医用大麻全面合法化,超过50个国家宣布CBD(大麻中的药用成分)合法化。在中国,云南省(2010年起),黑龙江省(2017年起),吉林省(2018年起)三省已实现汉麻(工业大麻)种植及加工合法化。截至 2017 年,我国汉麻种植总面积已过 3.3 万公顷,为世界第二大汉麻种植国


拥有着14亿人口的大国, 随着相应政策不断推进,预计中国日常普遍应用CBD的人口将达到500万。除此之外,中国每年有将近900万人患有癫痫,5000万人忍受抑郁症,对医用大麻有强烈的需求。因此,保守估计:中国市场将有1900万人(约为人口总数1.35%)消费汉麻相关产品,根据每人每克26.8美元消费,预计基本消费将至少达到5亿美元。2017年,中国的工业大麻市场价值估计为11亿美元,预计到2020年销售额将增至15亿美元


根据欧睿国际的数据,2018年,全球大麻市场(包含合法与非法,包含娱乐大麻与工业大麻)约1500亿美元,合法市场约120亿美元,其中美国是大麻的主要市场,规模达到100亿美元。随着行业合法化迚程不断推进,非法产品不断转化为合法产品,至2025年,合法产品能占市场的 77%,达到1660亿美元。截止2018年,全球海外华人达到2250万, 按照以上文比例(1.35%)预估,使用汉麻相关产品的海外华人将超过30万。


大麻有两个亚种:娱乐大麻(Indica, 印度大麻)以及汉麻(Sativa,CBD, 工业大麻)。二者品类由THC(四氢大麻酚,俗知使人上瘾,产生幻觉的成分)含量划分。
THC 含量小于0.3%属于汉麻(Sativa,CBD,工业大麻),人类摄入后不显示精神活性,无毒品利用价值。



目前中国种植的大麻都属于汉麻(Sativa,CBD, 工业大麻),是大麻中的非成瘾成分,还能有效消除THC对人体产生的致幻作用,被称为“反毒品化合物”。其下游应用空间广阔,包括,食品,药品,日化品,纺织品,新能源等,国际上目前已有可口可乐,The body shop,阿迪达斯等国际品牌已推出相关产品,汉麻化妆品,保健品,和火麻油等系列产品也已在国内上市。







汉麻国际集团旗下的品牌包括大麻地图, 汉麻地图, 知麻开门OpenCannabiz.com等。